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Our Program
An important part of meeting these needs in so many cities and neighborhoods is our Supplier Diversity program. This program provides minority, women and diverse-owned and operated companies equal footing to effectively do business with us.

While we work with many different kinds of companies – from grocery products to office supplies – these companies all have one thing in common: they share our passion for serving customers.

Our Supplier Network 
SUPERVALU desires a supply chain network that mirrors our customer base.  We have a significant existing network of diverse suppliers, and we continue to look for new businesses to help us serve our customers’ needs. When we evaluate vendors, we are looking for industry expertise and insight, along with the capability needed to deliver. This means we seek suppliers who are focused on customer service excellence and product quality, who understand their target markets, and who have a solid foundation for production capacity and financial stability.

For more information about our Supplier Diversity program, you may contact our Supplier Diversity Team at SupplierDiversity@SUPERVALU.com.  When you are ready to register, you may begin the registration process by clicking on the Register Supplier Link at the upper right hand of the screen.

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