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The World Games is an extraordinary, international sports event held every four years, in the year following each Summer Olympic Games. Staged over 11 days, The Games represent the pinnacle of competition for 3,600 of the world’s best athletes in 33 unique, multi-disciplinary sports. The World Games generates worldwide exposure for the participating sports and provides a highly visible stage on which athletes from more than 100 countries compete for the gold. ​

The World Games 2021 will be held in Birmingham, Alabama from 15-25 July 2021, and will generate millions of dollars in economic impact. It is in Birmingham where The World Games will celebrate its 40th anniversary. This will be the first edition to be hosted in the United States since the inaugural World Games in Santa Clara, California, in 1981.


The World Games 2021 had created the World of Opportunity (WOO) program. The program is aimed to help small and diverse businesses in Birmingham compete for opportunities to provide goods and services for The World Games 2021.

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