Welcome to the Comcast NBCUniversal

Supplier Registration Portal


At Comcast NBCUniversal we actively create and expand opportunities for qualified diverse-owned businesses.  Our program is uniquely designed to promote, help build capacity for, and make connections with diverse vendors.  Established and emerging diverse suppliers whose products or services will help our company improve daily operations and quality while reducing costs are encouraged to register, within our portal.


A diverse owned a company must be at least 51% owned and operated by a diverse leadership team and preferably certified as one or more of the following:

  • Disability-Owned Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender-Owned Business Enterprise (LGBTBE)
  • Minority Businesses Enterprise (MBE)
  • Women Businesses Enterprise (WBE)
  • Veteran Businesses Enterprise (VBE)

By registering in our portal your company profile will become visible to buyers across the Comcast family of companies. To learn more about Comcast NBCUniversal’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion visit our website.


Tier 2 Reporting:   If you are a Prime supplier to Comcast NBCUniversal and we have asked you to participate in our 2nd Tier reporting program, please click here Comcast Tier 2 to login with your assigned user name and password.  If you have forgotten your username and password or need assistance as it relates specifically to Tier 2 reporting, please email us.