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Barclays are a transatlantic corporate, consumer and investment bank anchored in the US and UK, with global reach, aiming to do business with the most innovative, responsible, diverse suppliers in the markets in which we do business.

Barclays Global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion seeks to attract and develop relationships with suppliers that can help us deliver value to our customers, clients and shareholders while also delivering value to society.

This site is designed to help Barclays’ colleagues responsible for procuring goods and services from third-parties locate companies of various size, ownership and mission characteristics that are either publicly-traded or privately-held businesses to consider for current and/or future procurement opportunities.

Barclays invites suppliers to use this registration portal to submit a preliminary application providing information on differentiated and/or disruptive capabilities, thought-leadership, corporate demographics and attributes aligned with our needs to determine potential fit.

Submission of a registration application is only the first step. Based upon submission of a completed application, we will make a determination of potential fit based upon our current and anticipated needs and interests. Within 60 days, we will notify you of our decision.

Successful applicants will become a member of the Barclays Supplier Marketplace and will receive further instruction on opportunities to present capabilities and to compete for work.

Given the volume of applicants, competitive offerings and varied experience working within the financial services industry, we will not be able to accept every submitted application. We apologize in advance. Should your application not be accepted, we encourage you to re-submit an application as material changes are made to your business. 


Please note: Information submitted in the Pre-Qualification section of the application is proprietary to Barclays, its affiliates and assigns.  Other companies utilizing this shared CVM Registration Platform will not have access to the Barclays Pre-Qualification section.  Neither the registration application nor membership in the Barclays Supplier Marketplace connote a contractual commitment nor a promise of business from Barclays. We reserve the right to accept or reject applications for membership into the Barclays Supplier Marketplace and reserve the right to rescind membership at any time, for any reason. As such, it is important to maintain accurate and updated information.

We wish you all the best in your business endeavors and look forward to learning more about what differentiates your company, the value you could deliver to Barclays and exploring how we might potentially do business together.


Barclays Procurement | Global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Team