Welcome to the GSK
Supplier Diversity Registration Portal

Welcome to the GSK supplier registration page, operated by CVM Solutions as a service to GSK.

Supplier Diversity at GSK is a business imperative. As our motto states, “Together….Everybody Wins!” we believe Supplier Diversity is a win-win initiative. Therefore, we work diligently to determine key business opportunities to benefit our organization as well as yours.

GSK utilizes CVM Solutions Supplier Sourcing database to identify and locate small diverse suppliers like your organization. If you are a first-time visitor, please see the information below to confirm that you meet the criteria for qualifying as a Small Business Enterprise. If your organization meets the criteria please click on the Supplier Registration icon. This will facilitate the GSK selection process and help match your organization to future sourcing opportunities.

Are you a small business? (Please see definition below)
Small Business Enterprise - An enterprise independently owned and operated, not dominant in its field of operation, with 500 or fewer employees (maximum allowable employees to qualify as Small Business Enterprise may be greater than 500, depending on your industry. Please refer to Public Law 95-507. For more information go to www.sba.gov.

For Supplier Diversity program related questions or issues contact GSK.
For assistance with technical issues contact CVM.